Pipefile Review: Hassle Free Document Management Software for Lawyers

Documentation is essential to legal cases and other aspects of law. The challenging part is getting everything you need from your clients. Pipefile is designed to make that process much easier. The application provides simple tools that keep you and your clients on top of things every step of the way.

Legal professionals can use Pipefile to collect financial, personal, identifying, or sensitive documents. This is more than a storage space for files. It’s a way to build a path through the file collection process to ensure that you get what you need from clients while meeting deadlines.

In a time when many people lead busy lives, a verbal request often isn’t enough. Pipefile lays everything out with clear, concise instructions using checklists. Clients can see what they need to submit at a glance and without multiple hand-typed reminders from you or your team.

Real-time Checklists That Streamline File Collection

Pipefile’s checklists improve communication between lawyers and their clients. Build a list of all the necessary documents that can be sent digitally using a link, text message, or email. When accessed, clients can see easy-to-follow instructions that guide them through uploading each required item.

Added items are checked off so clients can tell what they still need to upload without an extra phone call or message to you.

Clear communication and easy uploading tools will improve the overall experience clients have with your firm. When clients feel that they can complete tasks quickly and without back-and-forth messages or phone calls, they will be much happier to work with your team in the future.

Real-time checklists will:


  • Make it easier for clients to understand what you need
  • Help organize workflow for you and your clients
  • Reduce the time needed to submit documents

Automated Client Reminders to Keep Everyone on Track

Even with convenient checklists and online uploading, clients are still going to forget to follow through. Pipefile offers a solution to help reduce the impact of missed messages or forgotten files using automated reminders.

The system knows what you still need from each person. Instead of waiting for you to do the legwork, it will automatically issue a reminder for follow-up. The message lets the client know that they have a pending file request with a button to take them directly to where they can fulfill it.

All plans include automated email reminders. Professional plans add SMS reminders that skip the inbox and go straight to the client’s phone. This is a helpful alternative in case messages end up in spam folders or are missed among other daily emails.

Automated client reminders will:

  • Keep clients on task without your intervention
  • Reduce the risk of a missed filing deadline
  • Improve communication between you and your clients

Reusable Templates That Can Be Sent to Clients Instantly

Every legal team should use technology to work smarter, not harder, and that’s what Pipeline does. You can begin by building a request for documentation. Add recipients, set reminders with an expiration date, create optional tags, and list all the documents needed.

When you’re finished, click “Save as Template” to add it to a template library. Instead of going through the process again, you can access templates and reuse them instantly. Make adjustments as needed with custom information so the message sent is personalized without the extra work.

Reusable templates will:


  • Cut down on the time needed to communicate with clients
  • Give you total control over client messages with less hassle
  • Create a personalized message with the convenience of a template

Pipefile Integrates with Your Favorite File Storage Solutions

Pipefile is easy to implement, even if you already use online file storage. The application integrates with several of the top cloud storage solutions on the web, including:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft 365
  • Dropbox
  • Box

If you already use one of these platforms, then adding Pipefile to your firm’s toolkit is simple. Connect directly with your preferred cloud storage space and you have access to all your essential documents.


Pipefile Professional plans and higher also integrate with automation application Zapier. Zapier gives users access to automation products including interfaces, workflows, chatbots, and tables.

Improve Efficiency for Clients and Your Legal Firm

The number of documents used by law firms increases every year. Attorneys created or received an average of over 70 daily documents on average in 2015, for a total of around 26,000 per year. That’s a huge jump from the 18,000 annual documents managed during the previous two years.

Those numbers will vary significantly from one law firm to the next. The bottom line is that documentation is a big part of the legal profession. Every firm needs a reliable, organized way to request, receive, and store their files.

Pipefile works toward that goal by presenting simple yet elegant solutions that are versatile enough to work in any practice area. It’s an affordable application that fits almost any budget. Users can choose from three subscription levels, available in annual or monthly billing cycles.

Standard Plan

  • Unlimited file requests
  • 100 MB file size
  • 100 GB storage space
  • Email reminders
  • Storage integrations

Professional Plan

  • Profile upload URL
  • Unlimited file requests
  • 1 GB file size
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Storage integrations
  • Email reminders
  • SMS reminders
  • Custom branding
  • Lead forms
  • Bulk send
  • Zapier integration

Enterprise Plan

Includes all professional plan features plus:


  • Single sign-on (SSO_)
  • User groups
  • SCIM provisioning

There Are Two Ways to Test Drive Pipefile

There are currently two ways to test drive Pipefile before committing to a subscription. The official website includes a demo. Enter your name and email to access the demo video so you can see the features in action.

If you prefer a more hands-on experience, Pipefile is available with a two-week free trial. This is included with all paid plans.

The Pipefile team encourages users who need more advanced solutions to get in touch to find out how they can address their needs. The application provides a lot of flexibility for anyone who regularly manages important documents and files.

Pipefile presents a straightforward way to request and organize client documentation. Users have complete control over how requests are worded, the frequency of reminders, and which cloud storage is used. It can be a real time saver for busy legal professionals who need a better way to stay on top of client document requests.