Growing Your Business Online: Why Your Senior Living Website Content Matters

Content is king these days. No matter what industry you are in, you must have good content if you want to succeed online.

Assisted living facilities should be especially concerned with the quality of their content. You need to build trust. Clients and their families must feel confident that you are an expert and will provide accurate information. They are trusting you with their loved ones’ lives, after all.

Website Content Then vs. Now

If you have been on the internet for a while, then you have probably witnessed an evolution of content. Years ago, you could get away with just about anything on webpages. Site owners used to game the system by typing keyword-stuffed nonsense paragraphs. Search engines only cared about the keywords and not the context in which they were used.

That method is long gone – and that’s a good thing. That type of keyword stuffing didn’t offer anything to real human visitors. You need a website that speaks to your audience and entices them to learn more about your services. That means you need high-quality content that will sell your facility.

What Does Google Consider High-Quality Content?

Google is the biggest entity in the SEO game, so websites typically cater to its whims. The search engine has evolved to focus more on what the user wants to find. And users want high-quality content that adds value to their experience. What exactly does high-quality content mean?

  • Accurate, Relevant Information – Content should be accurate and relevant based on the topic of the page. The visitor should find what they are looking for and not something different. Even if your content is otherwise good, if it isn’t what the user wanted, they will likely navigate away. For example, if you have a page discussing amenities at your facility, make sure the content reflects that. You can briefly mention other aspects of your services, but the focus should remain on amenities. You can always create separate pages for other topics like healthcare services, transportation, or on-site events.
  • Content That Can Be Trusted – Trust is important if you are going to build a solid relationship with your audience. That means everything you present should be true and genuine. Any suggestions, facts, or instructions you provide should guide the user in the right direction. There is a lot of competition in the senior care industry, and credibility can set you apart from the rest of the pack.
  • Original Content That’s Well-Written – Users and search engines want to find content that they cannot find anywhere else. Original text will help you rank better on results pages and give users a reason to keep coming back. You can discuss topics that aren’t new but do so in your own words and in your own way. This also helps create a voice for your business that your demographic will recognize.
  • Active Pages with Fresh Content – A website that hasn’t been updated in months will begin to look abandoned. Active pages with fresh content are given more weight in search results. It’s another reason for visitors to return and shows that you are paying attention and staying up to date with industry developments.

Your Assisted Living Blog

Blog content is another way to gain traction in the online arena. According to a Hubspot report, companies that blog regularly have 97% more inbound links. Over 80% of U.S. internet consumers trust information and advice supplied by blogs. Why does your assisted living facility need a blog?

  • Creates a Channel to Connect with Clients – Connecting is essential today. Businesses are more accessible than they have ever been before. Your potential clients expect to be able to reach out to you, and a blog is a great way to do it. You can spark conversation and questions by talking about topics that are important to your demographic. A comments section gives you another way to interact with your readers.
  • Inform Your Target Audience – Information is a powerful tool. Provide your audience with insight and advice through blog posts. Discuss topics they care about that can help them make better decisions for themselves and their aging loved ones. You will become their go-to resource for facts, advice, and services.
  • Expand Your SEO Strategy – A blog gives you another place to expand your SEO strategy. You can create keyword targeted content that helps your visibility in search ranking. You can also use blog posts to emphasize certain aspects of your business with specialized long-tail keywords.
  • Build Interest with Blog Activity – Regular posting will help your site appear active and interesting. Visitors are less likely to return if they don’t see new content being added. You should also stick to a posting schedule, so your audience knows when to return to catch up on the latest news or information.

Break into the Market with Professional Content

Whether you have a website or plan to build one soon, you need high-quality content. It should be a part of your marketing strategy. Senior Care Website can assist with attractive designs and content services. Tell us about your goals and we’ll craft content that will help you get there. Contact us today to learn more about our professional content creation for senior living businesses.